Company Profile

An Architectural Design and Build consortium providing comprehensive design solutions creating landmark building which stand up and testify as Hallmarks of Excellence.

The consultancy division – KALAI VRIKSHYA ARCHITECTS and Contract Division – KALAI VRIKSHYA PROPERTIES Function as a consortium to provide complete technical services towards feasibility, site study and survey, planning, architectural designing, structural detailing, interior detailing and engineering services detailing like Electrical, Sanitary , water supply, drainage, landscape and site development works.


  • Architectural Design
  • Structural Design
  • Construction / Interiors Management of Buildings
  • Vaasthu
  • Interiors
  • Landscape

For Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial buildings, including Public Buildings like Theatres, Hotels, Auditorium etc - an overall expertise has been developed in working on various types of projects.

We also specialize in the more challenging jobs of Renovation and Restoration and Organic expansion of buildings.

Uniqueness in Design and approach has almost become Hallmark Nature of the Firm.


The firm offers Consultancy services in all aspects of

  • Architectural design and planning - for all types of buildings.
  • Structural  analysis  and design
  • Engineering services planning and co-ordination with sub consultants.
  • Building costing and construction / interiors management of all types  of buildings
  • Project  management  planning and supervision
  • Interior  Design and co-ordination with sub consultant
  • Landscape  design and  co-ordination with sub consultants
  • Sanction co-ordination and liaison with various government bodies like corporation / CMDA / etc.
  • Scientific vaasthu consultancy for optimal utilization of the cosmic energies in accordance with the principles of our ancient  Indian wisdom.

The key factor to note is that the clients are provided with "Total Comprehensive Services" and can have all their requirements addressed under one single roof.


The Design studio of highly creative and talented designers is headed by the Chief Architect & CEO - K.S. Ravichandiran with 3 decades of rich qualitative experience.

The practice founded in 1993 has established itself as a credible firm over the past two decades relaying mostly on word of mouth marketing and successfully thriving and growing from strength to strength on the unwavering support at an vast array of satisfied clients.

We have acquired considerable professional skills and experience in designing a broad selection of projects, throughout the state from large scale Residential Commercial and Institutional Buildings to Master campus planning and Luxury private Homes, Farms and Resorts.

The office working environments is done with a united sense of purpose and commitment focused on innovation and creativity.

Our values generate a stimulating atmosphere to create path breaking & exiting structures, thereby producing Architecture which enhances the lives of all those who use them.


Each project is the result of meticulous in depth design process, regardless of its context, size or scope.

Every job is a unique challenge and an exciting opportunity to develop the most dynamic, aesthetic, smart and energy efficient buildings.

Our design studios are creative workshops where architectural  concepts  are painstakingly  evolved, explored and refined in a collaborative hands - on process to suit the needs of the client or end user.

We translate our design into reality by a unique exceptional network of knowledge and experience that embraces every aspect of Design Construction and performance.

Our architecture in grounded   in the practicalities of building use and construction, and the design approach is driven by the desire to deliver buildings which are functionally efficient as well as visually compelling.


Our endeavor is to handle each project on its own unique merit and produce buildings which are technology savvy, smart and intelligent.

Centralized control of natural energy resources, Building security and climate control to ensure green buildings.


Our design emphasis in to minimize environmental impact and maximize energy efficiency.

Architects have an inherent responsibility to deliver buildings which mitigate climate change, and work smarter, and perform better.

Sustainability in architecture cannot be achieved by incorporating few elements like wind turbines and solar panels. Rather it is the holistic process which permeates every aspect of our work and attitude.

In short other than serving the present needs, and project demands we produce Architecture for the future generations.


The main motive of the consortium is to provide qualitative service adopting latest methods and appropriate technology and correct local materials for construction.

Minimizing the developmental  and implementation  cost we strive to give advantage of price and economy to the clients.

As such we are financially very competitive and are very confident in assuring full satisfaction to the clients with accent on quality and timely completion of works, all the time.

Quality Policy

The endeavor of the consortium in to always provide

  • Value for money
  • Utilise our expertise to maximize benefits for our clients
  • Architectural creation and solutions designed to satisfy the unique needs of our valued clients
  • Making Dream Homes / offices and Institutions a concrete reality.
  • Clarity in thought / Vision / Concept and Detail
  • Architectural services with a difference - because - winners don’t do different things, they just do things differently.
  • A thing of beauty is a Joy forever - Our landmark buildings will be celebration forever.


"If you Fail to Plan"
"You Plan to Fail"

Our short term goal for the year 2014 is to achieve 15 crores turn over, and thereafter grow by leaps and bounds to achieve the long term goal to make "KALAI VRIKSHYA ARCHITECTS & PROPERTIES" group, a 100 crore company by the year 2020.