Exciting and Exclusive Interior solution for your Modular Kitchen, Bedroom Wardrobe & Loft,  Living room TV curio unit and Dinning Crockery unit.

It is with immense pleasure we introduce Ourselves as eminent and well experienced designers and Builders providing the Best Construction and Interior Design Solutions over the past two decades, delivering fascinating and up to date Building and Interior projects which stand out as Hallmarks of Excellence.

We provide complete turnkey solution right from Design to execution, including space planning, material specification, costing and project management including co-ordination of Engineering services like Electrical and plumbing, and delivery of up market Construction and Interior solutions at down to earth costs.

Are you looking for Aesthetic and Holistic Modular Solutions for your Kitchen / Bedroom and Living spaces? Look no further – Please come to Kalai Vrikshya Properties - wherein

We design and execute all your Buildings and Interiors be it Residential or commercial at verycompetitive and affordable rates.

At Kalai Vrikshya Properties we offer Residential or Commercial Construction and Interior solutions,custom made to our clients specific and unique requirement, ensure successful and timely completion of projects every time.

We invite you to Kalai Vrikshya Properties – wherein
We provide concrete shape to all your Building and Interior dreams
We have an efficient team to deliver with reliability and accuracy.
We guarantee your peace of mind, as we deliver amazing project results in a short span of time.







Our various fields of Activity are:

  • Design and Construction management of Buildings
  • Design and execution of Residential and Commercial Interiors.
  • Modular Kitchen, Bedroom Wardrobe / Wall Cupboards and Fixed Furniture. 
  • Quantities and Estimates.
  • Scientific Vaasthu Integration.
  • Landscape design and execution.

Owning a posh Residential or Commercial building is nowadays possible, but we make you Own the very Best and State of the art Contemporary Designer Buildings and Interiors, crafted to the highest industry standards.